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WK Research LLC is directed by Dr. Andrew Marshall, a dynamic engineering professional, with extensive experience in circuit design, semiconductor development, process verification, physics, electronics engineering, logic and analog circuits, and methodology improvement.

Dr. Marshall has 78 issued patents, with 52 as first or sole inventor, and has published almost 100 technical conference presentations and journal papers. He is author of two books on electronics and five book chapters.

The company boasts expertise in Analog, RF verification and development, and mixed-signal circuit design and simulation at process nodes from 5um to 20nm. Circuit research is a speciality, in particular development of new circuit techniques for low-voltage and high-performance circuit operation and verification in the target areas of digital logic, SRAM, RF and analog mismatch, variability, and noise assessment. Low power and green circuit design is another area of specialization, together with design of automotive, computer, power and consumer IC design, in bulk silicon and SOI processes.

WK Research LLC also offers training courses in various semiconductor design techniques, including technical journal report writing, technician training, transistor design, IC fundamentals and process verification.